Ashton Vale - Temple Meads Design Freeze 3

The Major Scheme Business Case that was submitted to the Department for Transport in March 2009 included plans and maps of the proposed route for the Ashton Vale - Temple Meads rapid transit. 

Since then, investigations about the immediate environment, the terrain, ground conditions, potential obstacles, urban design considerations and route options has been carried out and many of the plans have been updated, some significantly, some with only minor modifications.

Work on the route continues to be refined, assessing costs and looking at the implications of the selected options, but 'freezing' the designs at a point in time allows a new baseline calculation of costs, timescales and other issues to be made.

These Design Freeze 3 plans replace Design Freeze 1 ( The plans for Design Freeze 2 were never 'frozen' and evolved in to Design Freeze 3)

These Design Freeze 3 plans now become the definitive plans for the Ashton Vale -Temple Meads rapid transit route

WARNING - these are large files of around 30mb and may take a long time to download on slower connections

City Centre

Ashton Vale to Prince Street Bridge - without stadium

Ashton Vale to Prince Street Bridge - with stadium use

Ashton Vale to Prince Street Bridge - without stadium use


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