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In June 2010 the government announced the opportunity for areas to develop Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). These are partnerships between local authorities and businesses and are expected to play a key role in promoting local economic development.  The government wants LEPs to drive economic growth across an economic area. They provide a means for local authorities to work together with business in order to quicken the economic recovery.  To date 39 LEPs have been announced by the government.

The West of England LEP will be developing its own website at www.westofenglandlep.co.uk.  Information on the West of England LEP Board can be found by following the menu to the left.

The government published a White Paper (Local Growth: realising every place's potential) in October 2010 which sets out the government's economic development plans. 

Proposal for West of England LEP
West of England Local Enterprise Partnership submission September 2010 
Letter accompanying submission 6 September 2010

Clapping at workshop

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