Planning Transport and Environment Group

The Planning Transport and Environment Group (PTEG) was set up to

  • Advise and act in support of the partnership (and though the partnership the local councils) on sub-regional spatial and transport planning and environmental matters.
  • Recommend joint action on these issues to the partnership and secure the outcomes approved.
  • Advocate responses on sub-regional spatial and transport planning to influence regional and national policy and resource allocations.
  • Work with other specialist groups of the partnership on issues of common interest.

PTEG was not a decision making body.  Its role was to make recommendations to various groups and committees as appropriate.

As the Partnership has developed and taken on more responsibilities for the sub-region it has been necessary to establish a different management structure. 

In particular the Department for Transport required the Partnership to establish a transparent and accountable decision making process.

In September 2008 the West of England Partnership Board, the Joint Committee for Transport and the Planning Housing & Communities Programme Board, in addition to a Joint Scrutiny Committee, were set up to manage the appropriate parts of the West of England and PTEG areas of interest.

PTEG was formally wound up at its meeting on 26 June 2008.

Read the PTEG meeting papers and reports.

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