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All four Authorities in the West of England Partnership - North Somerset Council, Bath and North East Somerset Council, Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council run Choice Based Lettings Schemes (the way that we let social housing). We are now working together to launch a sub-regional scheme, which will be called HomeChoice West and will be launched on 22nd March 2010.  This scheme is designed to make it easier for you to move to other parts of the region.

Each Authority has a local connection policy. At the moment, this can affect the banding awarded to you if you do not live in, or have any other connection to that Authority, for example, if you do not have a close relative in the area, or if you do not work in the district. 

For any property advertised as part of HomeChoice West (initially 5% of available properties), we will change the way we assess your local connection. If you have a connection to one of the partnership areas, we will assess your local connection as if you had a connection to the area you are applying to. Please remember that this will only apply to properties included in HomeChoice West.

Any property let as part of this scheme will carry the HomeChoice West logo and it will be advertised alongside all other available properties. These properties are open to anyone to bid on and you must still meet any other criteria mentioned in the advert.   

Before you can bid for housing you need to be on the housing register of each Local Authority that you wish to apply to.

Please contact the individual Local Authorities and complete their own housing application form, which will be assessed according to their lettings and assessment policies.

If you would like to know more about this sheme, or how to apply for social housing in the area please go to the Frequently Asked Questions.

For FAQ please click here.

More information is available on each Council's website.  The website address for your local Council is listed below as well as an e-mail adddress and telephone number.

North Somerset Council
by email: homechoiceteam@n-somerset.gov.uk
visit the Homechoice website: www.homechoicensomerset.org.uk
by phone: 01934 426330

Bath and North East Somerset
by email: homesearch@bathnes.gov.uk
vist the Homechoice website: www.homesearchbathnes.org.uk
by phone: 0122 539 6118  

Bristol City Council
by email: rehousing.enquiry@bristol.gov.uk
visit the Homechoice website: www.homechoicebristol.co.uk
by phone: 0117 922 2400

South Gloucestershire Council
by email: homechoiceteam@southglos.gov.uk
visit the Homechoice website: https://homechoice.southglos.gov.uk/
by phone: 01454 868 005


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