Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMAs) are cross-boundary studies of the operation of Housing Market Areas. Planning Policy Statement 3 (Housing) requires local authorities to undertake Strategic Housing Market Assessments as part of the evidence base required to inform Local Development Framework Core Strategies and the development of planning and housing policy. 

A Strategic Housing Market Assessment is not policy itself and is not intended to give definitive estimates of housing need and demand.  A SHMA should be a fit for purpose basis for developing housing and planning policies by considering the characteristics of the housing market, how key factors work together, and the probable scale of change in housing need and demand.

The West of England Strategic Housing Market Assessment has been carried out in accordance with the published Practice Guidance as required by PPS3 Housing and was completed in June 2009. The study, based upon research commissioned by Professor Glen Bramley of Heriot Watt University, was guided by the West of England Strategic Housing Market Partnership and a Project Team.

West of England Strategic Housing Market Assessment Documents

Links to the executive summary (40 pages), full report (256 pages) and individual chapters that make up the West of England Strategic Housing Market assessment can be found below:

West of England Strategic Housing Market Assessment Executive Summary June 2009. *

West of England Strategic Housing Market Assessment Main Report June 2009.**

Foreword from the Chair of the Housing Market Partnership
Chapter 1    The process of conducting the SHMA
Chapter 2    The geographical context of the Housing Market Area
Chapter 3    Demographic and economic profiels, trends and forecasts
Chapter 4    Summary of housing need and supply **
Chapter 5    Current housing market
Chapter 6    Current housing need and affordability
Chapter 7    Future housing market need and supply
Chapter 8    Different scenarios for supply and demand
Chapter 9    Size and types of housing required
Chapter 10  Housing needs of particular groups
Chapter 11  Policy issues, recommendations and monitoring

Appendix one Consultation
Appendix two Audit process and compliance matrices
Appendix three Standard tables
Appendix Four-Worked example Open Market Homebuy

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If you have any queries about the SHMA please contact:
West of England Partnership Office 

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