Planning Toolkit

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The Planning Toolkit outlines practical steps which the Councils and developers can take to improve the way large scale and complex planning applications are managed. It identifies shared commitments between the councils and developers for further improvement and greater consistency.

It was published by the four West of England councils and the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) on 30 April 2012 and sets out their shared vision for a more positive and consistent planning system based on collaboration and engagement.

What is the Planning Toolkit?

The toolkit is divided into three sections dealing with:

  • The culture, values and behaviour which underpin how the authorities will engage with business
  • Improvements for handling large scale and complex proposals
  • A practice guide to help the Councils and developers to work together more consistently.

The Toolkit complements the Councils’ existing protocols and charters, including the Bristol Planning Protocol, and these will continue to operate.

Through their discussions with developers the four Councils have identified some further areas of joint work which are signposted in the Toolkit. Further detail on these areas will be published as part of the ‘next steps programme’.

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