Sector Skills & Competitiveness Statements

In 2010 the West of England Office produced a suite of Skills & Competitiveness Sector Statements for each of the key sectors outlined below:

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The prioritisation of sectors important to the economic growth of the West of England was based on a study commissioned by the West of England Partnership from the University of the West of England, and further refined in the Local Enterprise Partnership proposal. 

The Statements are intended to be a concise ‘snapshot’ of the skills and competitiveness issues that are current and relevant to businesses in the West of England. To read the statements in full please click on the relevant link above.

Preparing the Statements has included research of a wide range of available data, discussions with employers and relevant agencies including trade associations, professional institutes, Sector Skills Councils, education and training providers, public sector bodies and others. The statements have been tested with employers to determine their accuracy and have all been subject to some form of employer validation.

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