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See  to find out about our plans for transport in the future



See all the Ashton Vale to Temple Meads Rapid Transit Listed Building and Conservation Area Consent Information.


If everyone can change 1 in 10 of their journeys we will all notice a difference on the road. 

Congestion is having a negative impact on how we live and work - if we do nothing it will get even worse.

M32 Bus Lane 

We want to offer real travel choices that meets both rural and urban needs for all sectors of the population.

The four councils have combined to produce a joint  transport plan for the years 2011-2026 - read it here.

Cyclist  To make a difference any one scheme has to attract or change just 10 % of people's travelling habits. No one scheme will work for everyone.  

 Travel+ logo

Travel+ is the badge we are giving to all the transport improvements in the West of England.  You will see the name and logo appearing on vehicles, on information leaflets and wherever work is being done to improve the transport options for people.

Visit the Travel+ website for all the latest information

If a scheme works for some people, it works for you, as it means less traffic overall. 

The difference between ‘term time’ and ‘school holiday’ traffic is about 10-15%.

We need to provide a real alternative to the car, in addition to cycling or walking. 

A quarter of journeys made every day by car are less than two miles. 

We need to provide rapid, reliable, frequent and punctual alternative forms of transport to the car, for both long and short journeys, reducing congestion so that traffic can flow again, allowing drivers to go about their business.

We want to ensure that alternatives to the car are a realistic first choice for the majority of trips, both long and short.  

 Transport map v 3 jpg  See the Travel+ Transport Map full screen

  • Travel+ projects sit at the core of the local authorities vision for change
  • Together these projects will deliver realistic, integrated, sustainable and equitable travel choices for all our communities across the area
  • Travel+ offers real alternatives to the private car for local journeys and should help encourage us to change our travel behaviour
  • Travel+ projects will help manage congestion and maintain our quality of life, delivering real choice and supporting future economic growth.
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