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Encouraging an incease of cycling plays a key part in tackling congestion, especially for journeys of less than 5 miles.

 Cyclist - Bristol to Bath Cycle Path Cycle Parking

Improvements to cycle and pedestrian routes, facilities and information is included as part of improvements to the public transport network and other corridor improvements.

 Travel+ logo The encouragement of cycling and other forms of sustainable transport together aim to tackle congestion, improve air quality, ensure that alternatives to the car are a realistic first choice for the majority of trips, offer real travel choices - affordable, safe, secure, reliable simple to use and available to all  - and meet both rural and urban needs.

The Cycle West website has information on local routes, training and events across the region Cycling has increased in the Cycle West area by 24% compared with 2003, which is well above the national trend and shows that a strong cycling culture is being established in this area.

Whether you want to get out on your bike with your family at the weekend or would like to beat the congestion to get to work, Cycle West can help provide all the information you need.

Cycling is an efficient and environmentally-friendly form of transport and is one of the easiest ways to stay fit.

Cycling City Logo  As well as the work planned across the whole of the sub region to improve cycling facilities, Greater Bristol (Bristol City and South Gloucestershire councils) has been chosen as England's first official Cycling City, making it the country's premier national and international showcase for promoting cycling as a safe, healthy and practical alternative to the private car for commuting, education and leisure journeys.  

Government funding totalling £11.4 million has been awarded to Bristol and South Gloucestershire to transform cycling to and to pioneer innovative ways of making cycling a real alternative to the car.  This funding will be matched by Bristol and South Gloucestershire councils and their partners, creating a total project of £22.8 million over the next two and a half years.



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