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The Greater Bristol Strategic Transport Study (GBSTS) followed two years of detailed work carried out by transport consultants Atkins on behalf of the Government Office for the South West, Greater Bristol local authorities, national and regional partners. The study looked at strategic transport improvement needs in the Greater Bristol sub-region up until 2031.

The final recommendations were handed over to the Government Office for the South West, Department for Transport, the Highways Agency, the South West Regional Development Agency and the four local authorities of Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Councils.

The consultant's recommendations provide important advice and guidance for the local authorities and other transport delivery organisations such as the Highways Agency and Network Rail to consider when preparing future plans. This includes the Greater Bristol Local Transport Plan which covers the five years from 2006 to 2011, and aims to deliver significant transport improvements in the short to medium term, and the 2011-2026 Joint Local Transport Plan 3.

They will help the work being undertaken by the West of England Partnership to produce a new development strategy for the area, Vision 2026, 

The report puts forward a range of short, medium and long-term proposals to tackle many of the existing and future transport problems in the Greater Bristol area.

The study identified a series of measures designed to cater for the expected growth in the number of people and jobs across the area. In developing the recommendations a wide range of alternative proposals were examined to produce a cost-effective package of measures. The recommendations will be considered by the four local authorities, the Highways Agency and Network Rail.

The final report is attached below,

GBSTS Final Report Executive Summary (362 kb)

GBSTS Final Report Ch1-5 (3410 kb)

GBSTS Final report Chap 6(a) (1615 kb)

GBSTS Final Report Chap 6(b) (2157 kb)

GBSTS Final Report Ch 7-9 (909 kb)

GBSTS Final Report Appendix A (136 kb)

GBSTS Final Report Appendix C (19 kb)

Appendix B (5.12 MB) contains  a series of diagrams and maps which summarise the impacts of the strategies on individual locations across the study area. If you wish to obtain a copy of this appendix, please email


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