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Next Generation JLTP3 2011-2026


See our sister website where you can find everything about the next Joint Local Transport Plan 3 (2011-2026) and for information about all our major transport schemes.

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As from from January 2010 onwards all information about the Joint Local Transport Plan will be published on the Travel+ website


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Joint Local Transport Plan 2006-2011

Use the links below to view the Plan and read about its development. JLTP Document 

For a summary leaflet of the Joint Local Transport Plan 2006 - 2011 please click here.


Problems and Opportunities

Final Joint Local Transport Plan 2006/07-2010/11(December 2006)

Joint Local Transport Plan - How we did

Joint Delivery Report 2006

Joint Progress Report 2007

Joint Progress Review 2008

Joint Progress Report 2009

Joint Progress Report 2010

Joint 5 Year Progress Report 2011

Rights of Way Improvement Plan


The Congestion Delivery Plan

Further Information and Contacts

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