Congestion Delivery Plan

 The Congestion Delivery Plan has been submitted by the Joint Transport Team of the West of England Partnership on behalf of Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Councils. It supports the area's Joint Local Transport Plan and sets out and clarifies the strategy and action plan for tackling congestion on the key highway network in the Greater Bristol urban area. Cong del plan front cover   

Cong del plan update front cover jpg   The first Congestion Delivery Plan Update 2009 was agreed by the Joint Transport Executive Committee and forwarded to the Department for Transport in November 2009.

Since the orginal document journey times on the core network have improved by 5% and approximately £1 million of additional reward funding has been allocated to the four Councils by the DfT on the basis of this performance.

This funding is being targeted at a range of decongestion initiatives including junction and signal upgrades to unlock congestion hotspots and investment in network monitoring, alternative modes to the car and smarter choices.

In the next two years priority will continue to be given to investment in value for money schemes along these routes and a range of other initiatives. Based on existing levels of Integrated Transport block funding the programme comprises: 
  • A420 Showcase bus route and other bus lanes and links;
  • Upgrading and signalisation of junctions;
  • Expansion of the Urban Traffic Control network;
  • Parking control and enforcement;
  • Carrying out Traffic Management Act 2004 duties;
  • Smarter Choices including workplace and school travel plans, freight delivery, neighbourhood initiatives, car clubs;
  • New and expanded park and ride sites;
  • Enhanced rail frequencies.

Update - in November 2009 the DfT release provisional figures for congestion performance in the core English cities, including the Bristol area for the year 2008/09.  The DfT estimates that jouney times have now fallen on the core network in our area by 13% compared with the 2005/6 baseline.

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