Joint 5 Year Progress Report 2011

In March 2006 the four councils in the West of England area joined forces to produce a Joint Local Transport Plan.

The JLTP covers the period from 2006 to 2011, and includes a range of integrated strategies to tackle congestion, improve road safety, air quality and accessibility and enhance the overall quality of life of all people living and working in the West of England. A summary document detailling the progress of the plan over the past 5 years has now been produced.

5 Year Progress Report 

The JLTP has now been superseded by a new plan JLTP3, which updates and builds on the success of the first JLTP and covers a longer 15 year time period from 2011 - 2026.

See here for more information on the JLTP3 on our sister site Travelplus

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