Joint Delivery Report 2006

December 2006 - How we did

We did pretty well!  Assessing our performance over the last five years of our first Local Transport Plan the Government has given us a 'very good' rating.  They describe our performance as having demonstrated strong delivery in a number of strategy areas and making a positive overall impact on local transport in our area.

They are particularly impressed with travel awareness campaigns and how these have proved successful in encouraging individuals and organisations to consider travel modes other than the car.  There is recognition that cycle events such as national bike week, Bristol's biggest bike ride, bike breakfasts, together with a step change in the level of provision of cycle infrastructure have led to one of the highest levels of growth in cycling in England. 

The Government acknowledges it was always going to be difficult combining four Annual Progress Reports into a single Joint Delivery Report.  Nonetheless they are pleased we took the decision to do it and describe the result as creditable.

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July 2006

A Joint Delivery Report has been published, setting out our achievements in transport during the last five years leading up to the Joint Local Transport Plan. The document reports on delivery of the first Local Transport Plans for Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Councils. The government asked all councils in England to produce a Delivery Report to report on the overall achievements of their first Local Transport Plans.

In recognition of our new partnership in producing the Joint Local Transport Plan for 2006/07 - 2010/11 and our close working in implementing schemes over the last five years, we have reviewed progress together in this Joint Delivery Report.

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Finance Forms and Proforma A

If you have any queries regarding the Joint Delivery Report, or any other aspects of the Joint Local Transport Plan, please contact us.

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