Joint Local Transport Plan - How we did

The Government has praised the West of England's Joint Transport Plan - rating it as 'good' and awarding an extra 3% (£343,000) funding to support vital integrated transport schemes (buses, cycling, walking, road safety) in 2007/08.    

The extra funding will take annual spending on schemes to tackle congestion; road safety and air quality and helping people get around the sub region up to nearly £12m. 

The funding comes on top of £42m announced by the Government for the Greater Bristol Bus Network Bid. 

 Cribbs Bus Lane

In their letter to the four councils - Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire - government officials describe the West of England area's plan as 'good' and 'very competent' and say it only just missed out on being rated as 'excellent.' Importantly, with a Joint Transport Team now set up under the West of England Partnership the Government is confident we can deliver our ambitious programme. 

Our rating is up from 'promising' for the Provisional Joint Local Transport Plan and marks a significant improvement in our performance since. 

This is a real achievement.  Over the last three years we have proved we can work together, first producing and now starting to deliver our vision for transport.  We are really pleased the Government now recognises this. 

We are equally pleased that many of our achievements including the High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes, car sharing, green commuter clubs, travel plans, traffic management and the Broadmead freight consolidation centre feature in the Department for Transport's newly published 'Delivering Better Local Transport - Key Achievements and Good Practice from the first round of Local Transport Plans.' 

Copies of the Government's letters to the four councils can be downloaded below.


Bath and Northeast Somerset settlement letter

Bristol City settlement letter

South Gloucestershire settlement letter

North Somerset settlement letter

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