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At the end of 2008 all the 39 local, unitary, county and city councils including Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucestershire and the four West of England councils went through a process of prioritising major transport schemes for the region and allocating money to these schemes.  Each recommendation for funding is made on the understanding that it will have to meet Department for Transport (DfT) requirements.  This is the RFA or Regional Funding Allocation process.

The regions priorities were submitted to government in February 2009 and approved by the Secretary of State in July 2009.  This has set aside approximately £450 million of government funding for eleven major transport schemes across the West of England sub-region. If these schemes achieve full DfT approval construction will start by 2019.

One of these transport schemes is the North Fringe to Hengrove Package and was allocated £168 million towards its cost.  As part of the agreement the local authorities are required to provide at least 10% match funding.  This makes the total cost of the Package at least £180 million.

The North Fringe to Hengrove Package links existing housing with business and tackles current traffic and congestion issues, as well as helping to encourage investment into the area.


It is aimed at improving the quality of life for people in the area  - tackling congestion, improving road safety, making schools, shops, healthcare and jobs more accessible to people, and improving air quality.



The process of making a full, detailed, major scheme bid to the DfT has to be completed before the much needed funding is actually granted to the West of England to implement the package.

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The West of England councils submitted a Major Scheme Business Case to the DfT in March 2010 which is the first step to receiving the money. 

The Package

The Package is composed of three projects drawn together that will make a positive difference to travelling in the North and East Fringes of Bristol and improve links with the south of Bristol via the city centre.

It aims to tackle congestion and reduce dependency on the car, to improve access to job opportunities, help tackle deprivation and link with the proposed new business and housing developments.


The three interrelated projects which make up the Package are:  

  • Rapid transit route connecting Hengrove with the city centre
  • Rapid transit routes connecting the North and East Fringe with the city centre and the Stoke Gifford Transport Link
  • M32 Park and Ride  
  • Rapid Transit Illustration 


     Bus Working together at a strategic level as the West of England Partnership has made local cross council transport schemes such as the £70 million investment in the Greater Bristol Bus Network across the four authorities possible.  

    Each council is responsible for the work in their area. The individual councils  ( Bristol and South Gloucestershire) will be managing their projects within the package, investigating the options and carrying out the technical work, sharing information and keeping their projects on track.  The West of England Partnership is co-ordinating the pulling together of the three projects to form the package.


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