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See www.travelwest.info/projects for more on our future rail plans


The Joint Local Transport Plan 3 (JLTP 3 ) recognises the significant role the West of England’s rail network has to play in supporting economic growth and reducing congestion. 

The development of the rail network is part of the West of England’s Travel+ package of projects that together aim to tackle congestion, improve air quality, ensure that alternatives to the car are a realistic first choice for the majority of trips, offer real travel choices - affordable, safe, secure, reliable simple to use and available to all - and meet both rural and urban needs.

The new Greater Western Franchise offers the opportunity to plan for current and future demand and provide a frequent, efficient, comfortable and cost effective local rail network.  Electrification of the Great Western Main Line raises the exciting prospect of an electrified suburban network.


We want everyone to pull together on rail and we want your input on drawing up a list of local priorities.  So we’re holding a Rail Conference on Friday 4 November 2011.

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