Ashton Vale -Temple Meads scheme summary


Click here to download a pdf copy of a summary of the Ashton Vale - Temple Meads rapid transit scheme, including background to the proposals, a description of the proposals and programme milestones.

The scheme summary contains a map of the route  - click here if you just want to see the map

If you want to see detailed design maps of the whole route see Design Freeze 3

In October  2009 Bristol City Council Executive Member Jon Rogers said that it is  time' to bite the bullet 'and that Prince Street Bridge in Bristol city centre would become a dedicated route for rapid transit vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians across Prince Street Bridge, with motor traffic diverted to other routes,

The proposal is:

  • welcomed by English Heritage as it rules out rebuilding the listed bridge or undermining its historic setting. The current movement mechanism, using water hydraulics, can be retained unaltered.
  • based on a clear understanding of the impact on motor traffic to be diverted to other routes. Morning and afternoon peak period traffic modelling has been carried out which predicts manageable additional levels at other junctions, which will be offset by a significant predicted shift to rapid transit by many motorists on the route.
  • Enhanced by urban design improvements around a proposed rapid transit stop by the Arnofini  (View larger images 1 and 2)
Arnofini PSB1   Arnofini PSB2
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