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With the support of the Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (REIP) the West of England authorites have created three frameworks which can be used by all highway authorities in the South West of England to procure consultancy support for the development of transport major schemes.

The frameworks run until 2014 and span major schemes project management, procurement advice and infrastructure design.

The major scheme development process is a time and resource intensive process. These skills may not be available to the authorites in sufficient quantity, quality and flexibility either in-house or through existing mechanisms for consultancy support. The new frameworks aim to allow local authorities to procure the specialised services they require more quickly and effectively than may otherwise have been the case.

A case study has been produced which gives details of the way in which the frameworks have been created, and the lessons learnt.

What benefits will be achieved?

Whilst it is difficult to quantify, it is estimated that based upon the Regional Funding Allocation (RFA2) major transport schemes programme, the frameworks could deliver benefits of some £960,000 over their four year duration.

This is based upon estimates of financial benefits arising from:

  • Mitigating the impacts of delay to schemes within the RFA2 programme arising from lack of resources of suitable capacity and capability when needed,
  • Reducing the resources required to undertake procurement.
  • Providing cost effective arrangements by balancing responsiveness with competition through ‘mini-tenders’ amongst pre-qualified consultancies. 

In addition is anticipated that non-quantifiable benefits will arise in terms of skills transfer and development of in-house expertise arising from these longer term consultancy arrangements, the learning benefits of undertaking the project, and sharing the outcomes and the experiences with a wider audience.

South West highway authorites who wish to access the framework should review the User Guide which provides step by step guidance and the relevant documentation.

A meeting of the framwoprk consultants was held in Summer 2010, also attending by officers from the councils, in order to introduce the framework.  A brief presentation was made and the User Guide issued to all. 

To access the frameworks:

Helen Minnery, Bristol City Council. Email:

For further information about the Project:

Pete Davis, West of England Partnership Office.  Email:








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