Roads - managing congestion

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Whatever measures to tackle congestion are taken, roads will remain as the key to moving people and goods around the sub-region.

It is important that traffic on the roads can move safely and reliably from one place to another.

Much of the work being done on junctions and the bus network will help all road traffic move more freely around our towns and cities reducing journey times and improving safety for pedestirans, cyclist and drivers alike.

Travel+ logo  Improvement of the road network is part of the West of England’s Travel+ package of projects that together aim to tackle congestion, improve air quality, ensure that alternatives to the car are a realistic first choice for the majority of trips, offer real travel choices - affordable, safe, secure, reliable simple to use and available to all  - and meet both rural and urban needs.

As well as the general work on roads there are some specific projects that are being investigated in order to manage congestion.


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