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Callington Road link/Bath Road improvements


The Callington Road/ Bath Road improvements project is looking at options as to how to link the A4174 from a roundabout junction on the Callington Road to the south, northwards along a disused railway line to a roundabout at the southern end of the A4320 St Philips Causeway - a distance of about a mile.   

A road scheme has been in the Bristol City Council Local Plan for a number of years but a technical options assessment (7mb) has been undertaken which also includes ‘non-road’ options, such as rapid transit and improvements to existing roads and junctions nearby. 

As part of the review of the Regional Funding Allocations undertaken by the South West Region in early 2009 the scope of this scheme has been extended to also consider improvements to the A4 Bath Road. 

 No work is currently being undertaken on this schemes pending the conclusion of the Government's Comprehensive Spending Review expected in late 2010.

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