Core Documents List

For the supporting evidence base of the submitted Joint Waste Core Strategy please click here. All other Core Documents are listed and avialable to download below.


CD1 - Planning Policy Statement 1: Delivering Sustainable Development

CD2 - Planning Policy Statement 3: Housing

CD3 - Planning Policy Statement 10: Planning for Sustainable Waste Management

CD4 - Planning for Sustainable Waste Management: A Companion Guide to Planning Policy Statement 10

CD5 - Planning Policy Statement 12: Local Spatial Planning

CD6 - Planning Policy Statement 25: Development & Flood Risk

CD7 - Draft Regional Spatial Strategy 2006

CD8 - Waste Strategy for England 2007

CD9 - Directive 2008/98/EC - Waste Framework Directive 2008

CD10 - Directive 1999/31/EC - EU Landfill Directive

CD11 - Landfill Directive Regulatory Guidance Note 3 (Dec 2002)

CD12 - Policy 405 - 407 Our position on composting & potential health effects from bioaerosols (Environment Agency)

CD 13 - DfT Guidance on Transport Assessment

CD 14 - DfT Circular 02/2007


PP1 -Landfill Policy Consultation Document (May 2010)

PP2 - Joint Waste Core Strategy Pre-Submission Document (January 2010)

PP3 - Preferred Options Consultation Document (January 2009)

PP4 - Issues and Options Consultation Document

PP5 - Issues and Options - Executive Summary of the Consultation

PP6 - Summary Issues and Options

PP7 - Technical Paper Issues and Options

Issues and Options Consultation Response Document
PP8 - Section 1 - Executive Summary

PP9 - Section 2 - Questionnaire Analysis Report


MISC1 - Responding to Infrastructure Delivery and Planning Issues in the West of England, Roger Tym & Partners Final Report, May 2010

MISC2 - Bath & North East Somerset Core Strategy, Spatial Options Consultation October 2009

MISC3 - Bath & North East Somerset Habitats Regulation Assessment


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