Joint Waste Core Strategy Examination

The examination on the JWCS is now closed.

The Inspector has found the West of England JWCS 'Sound' subject to a number of word changes.  These changes were either put forward by the Partnership, on behalf of the four unitary authorities, when the JWCS  was formally submitted, or were settled during the examination process, at times in conjuction with third parties.

The Inspectors binding report is available to download here.

The proposed changes are available to download here:
 - Appendix A
 - Appendix B

The JWCS now needs to be formally adopted by each of the four unitary authorities in the Partnership area.

The JWCS as intended to be adopted is available to download here.


The hearing sessions of the Joint Waste Core Strategy Examination were held from Tuesday 16th November 2010 to Tuesday 23rd November 2010

The Partnership Authorities Schedule of Proposed Changes was submitted to the Inspector on Wednesday 24th November 2010.

There is no further consultation on the Joint Waste Core Strategy or on the Schedule of Proposed Changes.

The Inspector will now consider all the information in preparing his factual report for the Partnership Authorities.  It is anticipated this will be no later than  28th January 2011.  The Inspectors final report will follow.  Further information will be available on our website as it becomes available.

The final Schedule of Proposed Changes prepared by the Partnership Authorities is available to download here.

Examination Information 16th November -23rd November 2010

Please click here for the final Hearing Programme.

Please click here for the evidence base documents.

Please click here for a list of supporting core documents.

Please click here for the matters and issues and other information submitted to the Inspector.

Examination Information October 2010

The Inspector has provided the following information:
1. Summary of Next Steps
For a brief summary of the next steps to be taken in the examination please click here.

2. List of Issues & Matters
A list of the Inspectors issues and matters arising to be discussed during the examination are available to download here.

Pre-hearing Meeting
A Pre-hearing meeting took place on 1st October 2010 at 2pm.  This public meeting was held at The Council House, College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TR.

3. Pre-hearing Meeting Agenda.
For the agenda of the Pre-hearing meeting please click here

For notes of the Pre-hearing meeting please click here

Examination Hearing Sessions
The examinaton hearings will commence on the 16th November 2010 at 10am.  These hearings will be held at The Council House, College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TR.

4. For a draft programme for Hearing Sessions please click here

5. For information on the structure of the Hearing Sessions please click here

6. If you have been invited to participate at any of the Hearing Sessions by the Inspector, a guidance note is available here.

Following changes by the Coalition Government a Commissioner, Glyn Roberts, will be working on behalf of the Infrastructure Planning Commission as part of the team examining the Joint Waste Core Strategy.  To see the letter from the Planning Inspectorate please click here.

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