Evidence Base

1. West of England Joint Waste Core Strategy Submission Document July 2010

2.1 West of England JWCS Consultation Statement Regulation 25

2.2 West of England JWCS Consultation Statement Regulation 28

3. Sustainability Appraisal Report for the West of England JWCS Submission Version

4. Equality Impact Assessment Report

5. Revised Detailed Site Assessment Report (final Report v3)

6. Progress Update January 2010 - JWCS Pre-Submission Document: Site Allocation Process

7. Appraisal of Spatial Options

8. JWCS Habitats Regulations Assessment (Final Report)

8.1 HRA Addendum note Recommendations Policy 8 Landfill

8.2 HRA Addendum note Recommendations Policy 5

9. Strategic Flood Risk Assessment ERM

10. West of England Waste Management Capacity Needs Assessment - An assessment of the current and future waste management capacity needs.

10.1 Landfill Review Paper - ERM, May 2010

11. General Areas Report - August 2009

12. Feasibility Study - potential for exporting non-hazardous waste to landfill

13. Recycling, Composting & Transfer Station Briefing Paper

14. Inert Waste Briefing Paper

15. Summary Report of the Preferred Options Consultation June 2009

16. JWCS Preferred Options Consultation - Responses by Question

17. JWCS Preferred Options Consultation - Offline Representations

18. Summary Report of the JWCS Progress Update - August 2009

19. JWCS Responses to the Progress Update

20. Summary Report of the JWCS Progress Update - August - October 2009

21. JWCS Representations to the August/September Progress Update

22, JWCS Pre-Submission Document Representations & Schedule of Changes July 2010

Additional Suporting Evidence/ Information

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